The story of Joseph begins in Genesis 37, when reading the story it appears that this poor young man just can’t catch a break. Trouble seems to follow him, one person after another wrongs him. Yet, despite it all, Joseph rose to 2nd in command over Egypt and his God given dream materialized.

I used to read the story of Joseph and see one defeat after another, that is, until God showed me that it could have been much worse for Joseph had it not been for the favor resting on his life. The root word used for favor/grace in the account of Joseph, means: to bestow favor; be, deal, give, grant or act graciously to another.

Joseph had a God given purpose, and when his enemies rose up against him, the favor that rested on his life, acted as a defense. His brothers would have killed him had it not been for one of them taking pity on him. He could have been left to rot in jail like every other prisoner, had it not been for the prison warden who favored him. Joseph could have been completely forgotten had it not been for his gift of interpreting dreams which opened the door for him to stand before Pharaoh.

The circumstances I saw as defeat, God saw as opportunity to reposition Joseph for the realization of his God given dream. What does this mean for you? What appears to be your defeat now, is nothing more than a repositioning for your victory.

The same favor you see on Joseph’s life, belongs to you. Ps. 84:11 & 12 reads: For the LORD God is a sun and shield; the LORD bestows favor and honor; no good thing does he withhold from those whose walk is blameless. O LORD of hosts, blessed is the man that trust in you.

God’s plan could not be aborted, it did not matter what circumstance Joseph found himself in, the favor on his life, protected the call on his life. And so it is with you.

Whatever circumstance you find yourself in today, can I encourage you to stop and thank God for His favor on your life, for the favor that is currently, right now, repositioning you for victory.


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