Gideon: Hiding Brave

It was a dark time when God spoke to a hiding Gideon and called him a mighty man of valor.

You know you have gifts and talents given to you by God. Maybe it’s Hospitality, Encouragement, Singing, Painting, Creative Writing, a mind for business, the list could go on. You know you are called and yet you feel like God has chosen the wrong person.

1.You Already Are

You are not alone in that feeling. The story of Gideon is a great example of someone who thought God was wrong, but God did not call Gideon a mighty man of valor because Gideon had been one in the past. He did not call him that because he was about to become one, He called him that because he already was one. God called out what was already in him, what He had placed in him long before. Just like Gideon, God is calling you what you already are.

2. It’s Not For You

God gave Gideon a mission, but you might be saying God hasn’t given me a mission, no angel has appeared to me, I’ve never received a “thus saith the Lord…”, but make no mistake, God is asking something of you.

The mere fact that you have been given a gift/talent is Him “asking” you to use it. Gifts/talents are not for ourselves, they are for others. Your possession of a gift/talent is evidence enough that you have a mission and proof enough of your qualification. There are people in your world who need you to exercise and use that gift/talent.

3. Even the Unlikely

Gideon changed the trajectory of his family by simply answering God’s call. Gideon’s own father worshipped other gods, but because Gideon answered the call, his family followed him in fighting for the Lord. You will inspire others as they watch you answer God’s, even inspire those most unlikely to follow God.

4. Found in the Few

Gideon had gathered a great army around him, but God whittled the size of the army down to a handful in comparison to what they were up against. Don’t be afraid to leave the crowd behind in order to pursue what God has for you. Many times it is with the few that you find the strength and encouragement you need to carry out the mission before you.

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