Heaven’s Strategy: Take The First Step

There is something you are suppose to have or something you are suppose to do but it seems impossible. You have a feeling God has something for you, you can see it but how in the world are you going to obtain it. How in the world are you going to get there. How in the world are you going to get past the obstacles before you.

God intends for the Israelites to possess the promise land and in Joshua 6:1-5 we learn that the first step is to take the first city, Jericho. A fortified, impenetrable city. In the natural, they did not have what they needed to succeed. Looking around, there was nothing to indicate that they would succeed, it did not make sense for them to even try but they had a promise and a strategy from God.

If a promise is all you have, a single scripture, a word spoken to you in season, a confirmation, a knowing, an expectation grounded in faith on God’s Word – then you have all that you need.

It may not happen overnight, it may take several “marches” around the city walls but they will come down. The Bible tells us that the inhabitants of Jericho were frightened and as a result they shut themselves up inside the city. They batten down the hatches to hold their ground and this is exactly what our enemy does, he digs his heels in and refuses to move but just as God gave Joshua a strategy to win, God gives us a strategy to win.

More times than not, the strategy requires us to do something we’ve never done before. To trust Him in a way we never have before. Whatever the strategy is, it will require faith to do it. It can feel risky, it can even feel as if God is trying to take something from us. Take the security of the familiar, or if He’s dealing with our finances it can feel as if He’s trying to take what little we have, but God is not trying to take something from us, He is trying to get something to us. What we need and what we want most is on the other side of that act of faith.

Joshua faced the impossible using God’s strategy and won. What seemed impossible, became possible. What impossibility are you facing? Use the strategy being given to you, exercise your faith and win.

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