Underestimated but not Overlooked

Live Stream Bible Study: October 21, 2019
Golden Text: 1 Samuel 16:1-3

1. God did not forget to invite you, He has not overlooked you

Can you imagine how David felt after walking into the house seeing all of his brothers there and the prophet Samuel, realizing that his own father did not think enough of him to include him.

We can all relate to the feeling of being left out, the feeling of being overlooked and underestimated. Perhaps it’s happened to you, you over hear of someone’s party that you weren’t invited to.

But God would want you to know, that he did not forget to invite you, he has not overlooked you. He has given you a talent, a gifting to influence and bring glory to Him. Maybe the enemy has lied to you and told you that ministry is for others but not for you or the enemy has told you that there is no way that you could be a person of influence in your workplace, in your family or in your world, but those are lies. God has not left you out.

I think most people have some idea of what it is God has given to them, but being underestimated and overlooked by the people around them, perhaps even by the very people who should be their biggest fans, they find it difficult to be who they’ve been made to be.

Did David’s father and brothers know that he had killed a lion and a bear, or was it that they knew but downplayed his victories.

Up until now you may have felt like you are on the back pastures of obscurity, invisible, but God sees your faithfulness, and the battles you have won in private will carry you to what God has next for you.

2. Private victories carry you to your “next” with God (1 Sam. 17:37)

Here once again another person, Saul, is underestimating David but David tells Saul of his victories. These previous victories, won in private, have prepared David for this present fight.

Never downplay any victory you have, no matter how great and no matter how seemingly small, nothing is wasted with God. Romans 8:28 tells us that all things are worked together for good.

Yesterday’s victory is today’s testimony and tomorrow’s opportunity. The things you are facing today are preparing you for what God has for you tomorrow.

Someone else underestimated David, Goliath. (1 Samuel 17:41)

The enemy has underestimated you, he thinks he has you backed into a corner, he thinks you are down for the count but look at how David replies in verse 46.

This day the Lord will hand you over to me,
and I’ll strike you down and cut off your head.

I used to think that it was the flying stone from David’s slingshot that killed Goliath but it wasn’t, it was faith. David spoke his desired end result, and do you know what happened, exactly what he said.

We see another picture of David’s faith. Just before he goes out to meet Goliath, the Bible tells us that David goes down to the stream and grabs 5 smooth stones. I figured that he took 5 just in case he needed more than one, in case he missed, but after learning that Goliath had 4 brothers, I don’t think David planned on missing at all. He was not only going to defeat his enemy, he was going to annihilate his enemy so there would be no coming back from it. You too can defeat and annihilate the enemy you may be facing right now.

3. God allows the presence of our enemies

1 Samuel 16:13 we read that David was anointed king “in the presence of his brothers.” This sounds a lot like Psalms 23:5, “you prepare a table before me in the presence of my enemies, you anoint my head with oil…”

Right now, in the presence of your enemies, God is anointing you for what he has next for you.

The enemy serves a purpose, Judges 3:1 tells us that God left several enemy nations around Israel in order to teach them warfare. It is imperative that we know how to war, the generation coming up behind us needs us to know, those around you now, in the sphere of influence that God has given to you, need you to know warfare.

You may have been underestimated but you have not been overlooked.

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